Thursday, February 28, 2013

Online intraday stock option and future tips today 1 March 2013

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 Nifty and BSE stock open today positive trend, bank nifty, metal, power, infra, stock looked positive today, nifty open today 9 point upside on 5702 and now increase 21 point upside, BSE Sensex also increase up side today 94 point now traded at 18956 .47.

 Nifty top gainers: 

Powergrid, bpcl,jp associate, jindal steel, reliance infra,

Nifty top losers: 

Dlf, hero motocorp, cairn India, Lupin, bharti airtel,

 Stock future and option call:

 Sell dlf future below 270 target 268,267,266 stoploss 271

Option call: buy wipro 420 call above 14.50 target 15.50,16.50,17.50 stoploss 13

 Option call: Buy jp associate 75 call above 3 target ,3.50,4, 4.50 stoploss 2.50

Sell union bank future below 217 target 216,215,214 stoploss 220

 Sell bharti airtel future below 319 target 318,317,316 stoploss 320

 Option call : buy ktk bank 150 put above 15.15 target 18 stoploss 13

Market outlook today || nifty and BSE negative on budget

Share market update, bank nifty update, infra stock, budget outlook on market, what will effect of budget in reality and IT sector, pharma stock update.
Nifty and BSE slip down after budget reaction, nifty close on 5693 with 103.85 point, BSE sensex slip down 290.87 point strong negative response seen in the Indian market.

Infra stock update:

Today close 3% down side bharti airtel looked positive , jp ssociate slip 3.5%,  jsw power, adani p[ower, Reliance comm., slip down 10% to 6%.

Metal and auto stock:

Metal atock, auto stock close on 3% to 1% down today, sesa goa, jindal steel, hindalco, tata steel, sail slip down 4% to 3.7%.

Bank nifty stock update:

Bank stock loss up to3.5% today, sbi ,union bank,  bank of baroda, pnb most losers today.

As expected from budget all sector will reform after budget, so trader can make position for buying.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Intraday option and future tips on expiry today, nifty trend on budget today


 Nifty stock market trend: Nifty open today positive with positive up side on 5840 , pharma, auto, metal ,Infra, Psu bank , fmcg looked positive trend, bank, IT stock, looked under pressure, today nifty future and option segment have expiry, and come budget of 11 am , what will effect on market and different sector will seen on budget,

 Oil And Gas sector: 
Oil and gas sector will reform after budget, as well as public sector companies will provide good return after budget.
 Infra and Reality stock: 
Today Infra and Reality stock will reform before budget , bharti airtel, jp associate, dlf, hdil, adani power increase 3% to 1%.
Nifty level today: 
Nifty has reach 40 point up side on 5830 so first resistance on 5856, second resistance is 5871, and third resistance level is 5889 . Nifty support level: Nifty yesterday close on 5796 so first support on 5778, second support on 5754, third support on 5732
Stock future and option call today: 
Buy jp associate future above 74 target 75,76,77 stoploss 71.50
 Buy tata global bev future above 134 target 135,136,137 stoploss 132
 Option call: buy hdfc bank 640 call above 10 target 12, 14,16 stoploss 6
Option call : buy bharti airtel 320 call above 7 target 8,9,10 stoploss 5.50
Option call: buy tata motors 280 call above 12.35 target 13,14,15 stoploss 10.50
 Option call : buy dlf 280 call above 7 target 8,9,10 stoploss 6
 Option call : buy auropharma 170 call above 2.20 target 3,4,5 stoploss 1


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Option call tips today 27 February 2013|| nifty level today

Stock future and option tips, active stock tips, call-put option tips, daily stock update tips,

 Share market open positive index today with support of global market, nifty stock open 23 point up side on 5785, bank fmcg reality, infra metal stock open positive index, bharti airtel, jp associate, dlf, sesa goa union bank increase 3.5% to 1.7% in early trading .

 Nifty level today:
 First Resistance in 5794, next resistance is 5821, next is 5856
 Nifty support level: First support on 5746, second on 5721, next support is 5698

 Option call: buy itc 300 call above 1.60 target 2.10, 2.70, 3.50 stop loss 1

 Sell wipro future below 417 target 415,413,412 stop loss 420

 Sell Infosys future below 2925 target 2920,2915,2910 stop loss 2931

 Option call: buy tata motors 280 call above 7.80 target 8.50,9.50,10.50 stoploss 6.80

 Option call: Buy bharti airtel 300 call above 14 target 15,16,17 stoploss 12

Option call:Buy union bank 220 call above 3 target 4,5,6 stoploss 2.5

 Option call: Buy dlf 270 put above 3.0 target 4.30,5,6 stop loss 2

Monday, February 25, 2013

Intraday stock future and option tips today26 February 2013

What we looked nifty today, budget session open, and investor looked forward budget hope, 

Nifty looked bearish today, as foreign support world market close negative trend, that effect seen on market, today Bharti airtel increase 4.5% as well as micap, bank, auto, metal stock slipdown side today.
 Nifty open today down side 17 point below and at 5838, as well as BSE Sensex also slip down side and traded at 19220.74,
 Stock option and future segment expiry after 2 days so traders and investor don’t make long position in market, as our suggestion trade in intraday and booked profit for short term trading in stock future and option.
 What we follow before budget session: 

Before budget session, investor should keep eye on profitable field, as pharma stock, bank, IT stock, and if government provide benefit to development sector then infra stock and Reality stock looked better then other stock.
Stock for trading today: 

Sell union bank future below 220 target 219,218,217 stop loss 222

 Sell hdil future below 65 target 64,63,62 stoploss 66.2

Sell bank of India future below 335 target 334,333,332 stoploss 336

option call : buy auropharma 170 put above 2.70 target 3.70,4.30,5.10 stoploss 1.95

option call:buy cipla 380 put above 13.40 target 14.30, 15.40, 16.40 stoploss 12

 option call: buy sesa goa 160 put above 2.50 target 3.50, 4.50,5.50 stoploss 1.50

 option call: buy union bank 230 put above 10.05 target 11,12,13 stoploss 8.50

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stock option tips||active stock today 25 February 2013


Today nifty open with positive index with support of international market, nifty open 20 point up side on 5870 in early morning, as well as BSE Sensex open at 19365 increase of 48 point,
 IT, bank, power, reality, auto, stock looked positive,
 Fmcg, pharma, metal stock looked negative today,
 Nifty top gainers:
 Ranbaxy, powergrid, Infosys, wipro, idfc,
 Nifty top losers:

Dlf, cipla, bpcl, ultracemco,kotak bank, auropharma, yes bank.

 Stock option and future call today:

 Option call: Buy Infosys 2900 call above 24.50 target 28,32,36 stoploss 20

 Option call Buy wipro 440 call above 2 target 3,4,5 stoploss 1

 Option call: buy union bank 230 put above 6 target 7,8,9 stoploss 4.50

Option call : buy dlf 280 put above 7 target 8,9,10 stoploss 5.50

 buy bharti airtel future above 309.30 target 312 stoplos 307

option call : buy auropharma 170 put above 1.30 target 2.30,3,3.50 stoploss .95


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stock future and option call || nifty bearish today

Nifty open today with negative trend on 5838 point, midcap share auto, metal, fmcg, bank share looked negative trend, as well as pharma , reality, IT stock looked positive today, but pressure of selling position in all sector, nifty slip down side and may break 5800 level today.

 Bank nifty trend: bank nifty open at 12088 high of day is 12150, low of day is 12059, now traded at 12088, looked down trend today at pressure of 108075 seller quantity than 89785 buyer quantity today at 10.30 am.
 Nifty top gainers:
Bharti airtel, sunpharma, wipro, ongc, dlf, hcl, tcs, Infosys, glenmark,
 Nifty top losers:
 Hdfc, jp associate, hindalco, hul, tata motors, bajaj auto, sesa goa

stock future and option call today: 

 Option call buy dlf 270 call above 10 target 11,12,13 stoploss 8.50

 sell tata motors future below 290 target 285 stoploss 293
 Buy Bharti airtel above 297 target 310 stoploss 290
Option call : buy sunpharma 820 call above 7.75 target 9, 10,11 stoploss 6
sell mcdowell-n future below 1800 target 1785 stoploss 1810
 sell jp associate below 69.50 target 68,67,66 and stoploss 71 for today

option call: buy yes bank 500 put above 22  target 23,24,25  stoploss 20

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gold silver prices low of 7 month down side, nifty down 50 point below 5900 level

Nifty slip down 50 point down side today in early morning open at 5910, now traded at 5888 below than 5900 level, BSE Sensex also slip down side 180 point today, from negative news of foreign market help to slip down side of Indian market.

 As well as commodity stock also looked bearish today, gold and silver prices slip lowest price of last 8 month, silver slip 600 point and traded at 53164, and gold slip 289 point and traded at 29290 after announcement of fedral bank to not interested to buy bond program, metal stock also looked bearish.

Today morning session bank nifty, bank nifty, fmcg, metal stock, auto stock looked bearish today. As well as IT  stock looked positive today.

Nifty Top gainers:

Hcl, wipro, bajaj auto, tata power, adani port, powergrid looked positive 

Nifty top losers:

Sesa goa, jp associate, jindal steel, hindalco, idfc, auropharma, bharti airtel, tata steel.

Stock option call today:

 option call: buy sesa goa 170 put above 6 target 7,8,9 stoploss 5

option call : buy union bank 230 put above 4 target 5,6,7 stoploss 3

option call: buy auropharma 170 put above 2.30 target 3,4,5 stoploss 1.30

option call buy jindal steel 380 put above 20 target 21,22,23 stoploss 18.50

option call: buy tata steel 360 put above 2.30 target 3.30, 4.30,5.30 stoploss 1.10

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nifty trend | stock option call tips|| bank union on strike today 20 February 2013

Nifty open today with positive response  27 point up side at 5966, BSE Sensex also looked positive increase with 100 point, IT, MIDCAPE, pharma, Energy, reality stock looked positive today, as well as bank  share, auto, fmcg stock looked negative trend, today bank union on strike with other trade union and loss predicted 20,000 crore by this strike.

Today bank nifty trend:

Bank nifty looked negative trend open at 12485.60 high of day is 12492 and low of day is 12425 , seller quantity on 11 am is 1,46,775  and buying quantity is 91.800 .


Option call: Buy bpcl 380 call above 8.50 target 9.50,10.50, 11 STOPLOSS  7.50

Option call: buy bharti airtel 300 put above 4.80 target 5.80,6.50, 7.50 stop loss 3.80

Option call: buy dlf 270 call above 10 target 11, 12, 13 stoploss 8.50

Option call: buy union bank 240 put above 5.90 target 7,8,9 stoploss 4.80

Option call: buy Andhra bank 100 put above .50 target 1.50, 2.50 stoploss .10

Optiopn call: buy hexaware tech 85 put above 2.30 target 3.30, 4.30, 5.30 stoploss 1.0 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Nifty looked negative mood today 19 February 2013|| option call-put tips today

Nifty looked negative trend today, open at 5894 point with negative moods, nifty looked listless today, open at 5906.05 today high of day id 5908 .90, bank nifty also looked negative trend today, open at 12376.15 today high of day is 12398.85 low of day is 12360, nifty IT STOCK, FMCG STOCK, PHARMA STOCK, MNC, AUTO STOCK LOOKED positive today, Cipla, Ranbaxy labs, glenmark pharma increase 2% to 1.5%.

 top gainers today:
acc, cipla, ranbaxy labs, ongc, bhel, tcs, infosys, hul, hcl tech

Stock option call:

Option call: Buy bharti airtel 320 put above 15 target 16,17,18 stoploss 13 

Option call: Buy bpcl 360 put above 3.65 target 4.65,5.65, 6.65 stop loss 2.25

Option call: buy union bank 230 put above 3.45 target 4.20, 5.30,6.30 stoploss 2.40

Option call:  buy yes bank 480 put above 3.90 target 5,6,7 stoploss 2.75

Option call: Buy cipla 380 call above 11 target 12,13,14 stoploss 10

Option call: buy mcdowel-n 1850 pput above 43.50 target 47, 50, 55 stoploss 39


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